Review: Thermaltake Commander FX - 10 Port Fan Hub

Thermaltake Commander FX

10 Port Fan Hub


If you’re looking for an extra fan hub, check out the Thermaltake Commander FX Fan Hub. Thermaltake’s newest integrated fan hub Commander FX makes cable management more easier compared to the old method by connecting the fan one by one with the Molex connector. The Fan hub capable of powering up to 10 fans with full power of 12v for the fan. Thermaltake promises the fan hub allows users to saturate the case with fans while maintaining superb cable management. There’s a blue LED to indicate the hub is working and the Commander FX ensures the inside of user’s case looks just as good as the outside, making it the best choice of the fan hub on the market for cooling performance enthusiasts or users seeking no-fuss installation with simple and clean cable management as it powered up with convenient Sata Port, which mean less cable on the rig and no more molex cable required!

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In this section we will make an unboxing of Thermaltake Commander FX, 10 Port Fan Hub. Thermaltake makes the product package very simple design, but packed with important information.


The front look of the box. There’s an illustration of the Fan Hub with blue light effect as the background. On the bottom, Thermaltake state this fan hub works with all 3-pin fan connector.


On the back side, Thermaltake fills with a lot of information on its features and full specifications of the Commander FX. There’s two illustration image that state its support 10 channels connector and power input by using convenient Sata cable.


Thermaltake makes the package simple, the fan hub is protected with the box while all the accessories at the back of the box.


All the accessories bundled together:
+ Fan hub
+ 5x Beaded Cable Ties
+ 2x Velcro tabs set
+ Manual


The overall view of the Thermaltake Commander FX. Thermaltake puts their logo on the top of the fan hub.


On each side of the fan hub contains 5 ports that support 3-pin fan.


At the back, there’s a model name and barcode for the Thermaltake Commander FX


So lets peek through the internal design of the fan hub. There’s 2 hidden screws behind the sticker on the back side of the fan hub. (Be warned, by doing this your warranty will be void)


The internal design of the Thermaltake Commander FX Fan Hub.


The back side of the fan hub.


There’s a total of 10 fan port that stick on the PCB Board. In the middle is the LED that will turn blue when powered up. As mentioned before, the hub is powered up by the single sata connector. User can see there’re only one single chip (highlight with R1) which control all the ports.


User Experience

In this section we will make a simple test by connecting all the port with 10 units of 12v Fan to determine whether the fan hub can deliver all the fans with 12v of power.


We will be using Thermaltake Pure 12 Fan as the sample test.


As the sata cable is connected to the fan hub. Blue LED in the middle will be glowing to indicate the hub is working.


It’s working! All the fans are running on 12v as we powered up the fan hub. Great job Thermaltake to manage to create an awesome fan hub! Check out the video below on the fan running with the Thermaltake Commander FX Fan Hub


Now it’s come to the end part of the review section. Nothing delivers the perfect user experience like a Thermaltake Commander FX Fan Hub. We have a hard time looking for the cons of this product besides the port doesn’t support PWM. The package is perfect, Thermaltake bundled the hub with beaded cable ties for cable management for the fan and Velcro tabs to hold secure the fan hub at any side and place of your casing. The Commander FX uses high-quality textured plastic in its construction. Arc trims on both sides gives the Commander FX a sleek, modern look that matches its superior performance. If you’re looking for an extra fan port for your rig, we promise Commander FX is the best solution for you.

Performance: 4/5
Materials: 5/5
Specifications: 5/5
Appearance: 5/5
Performance/Price Value: 4/5

+ High quality and sleek design
+ 10 Fan port on single hub
+ Powered up by Sata cable
+ Deliver 12v on each fan port
+ Simple and clean cable management
+ Super cheap!

-Does not support PWM



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