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CM Storm has recently launch their new gaming mouse pad, The CM Storm Swift-RX. This SWIFT-RX gaming mousepad by Cooler Master is designed for gaming enthusiasts who desire comfort and speed. The finely textured microscopic mesh ensures excellent precision for any kind of mouse sensor to pinpoint your foes and increase accuracy. The non-slip rubber base means always staying in place — even in the heat of battle. Consider yourself a pro? Side fray or damage during extended use won’t occur thanks to the special treated stitched edges which brings higher durability. The CM Storm Swift-RX come with 3 different sizes of S, M and L for different user preferences.

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On this section we will make an unboxing of CM Storm Swift-RX Gaming Mousepad. We received 2 sample of both S and M size to make comparison how big they look when but on side by side.

The front packaging of the CM Storm Swift-RX Gaming Mousepad. The package is straight forward with Swift-RX logo on the front and Cooler Master and CM Storm logo on the top. There’s a word S on white circle to indicate the size of the mousepad.

On the left side, CM makes a simple introduction of the Swift-RX. User can get the general idea of the Swift-RX from reading the introduction.

On the back side, user can find the serial number and model number for the Swift RX. On the right side is the translated language for the ‘Gaming Mouse Pad’ words.

CM mentioned several features of the mouse pad on the right side of the package and user also can get full specification for the mouse pad. Apart from that, CM did attached an example of fabric used so user can get the feeling for the mouse pad surface.

As we mentioned before, CM makes the package straight forward and only filled the box with the mousepad itself. The picture above is the example of Swift-RX (S Size) with CM Storm Xornet Gaming Mouse.

On the top right of the mouse pad, there’s a Swift-RX with CM Storm logo. CM Storm create a smooth, low friction synthetic fibre surface for the mouse pad for optimal comfort for long gaming experience.

The Swift-RX series came with 3 different sizes from S, M and L. What we have right now are the comparison size of S and M.

The mouse pad is well stitched edging to prevent fraying and stays durable through extended use. As user can see, CM Storm use microscopic mesh for the surface material that enable precision control for both optical and laser sensor mouse.

There’s nothing on the back side of the mouse pad apart the rubberized surface to increase traction.

CM created a non-slippery grip base coating to keep mouse pad in place even on the extreme gaming experience.


Now it comes to the end part of the review section. CM Storm design the Swift-RX Gaming Mouse Pad for gaming enthusiasts who desire comfort and speed even after a long period of gaming session. Even from the first touch, we could say CM really use the best material and higher durability on this product. The stitched edges of the mouse pad will surely makes it prevent annoying frays during extended usage. We love the mouse pad not only because of its high quality build but the design is very straight forward and simple.

Performance: 5/5
Materials: 5/5
Specifications: 4/5
Appearance: 4/5
Performance/Price Value: 4/5

+ Mouse pad does not easily moved around
+ Smooth and comfort surface
+ Smart and sleek Design

CM Storm Swift RX Gaming Mouse Pad received Gold Award from

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