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With the latest Avago 3090 optical sensor, CM Storm creates another product called CM Storm Alcor. The mouse can support up to 4000 DPI which can be changed into 4 stages of DPI adjustment with on-the-fly switch. The CM Storm logo on the middle of the mouse has a multi-colour LED illuminate that identify the current DPI preset. CM Storm promises a long-life switches to ensure that the Alcor will keep up with even on the most rigorous battlefield. Today, we will make a review of the CM Storm Alcor and personally we could say, Cooler Master did a great job with this mouse with ergonomic and sleek design.

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On this section we will make an unboxing of CM Storm Alcor. CM makes the packaging of the mouse very simple yet elegance.

The font looks of the mouse. On the top there’s both Cooler Master and CM Storm Logo and the word ALCOR on the bottom to indicate the model name for this products. CM Storm did highlight several features of the mouse at the front.

On the back CM Storm highlighted the mouse parts with the explanation of the features. There’s several of other languages for the features below the mouse animation.

The box can be flipped open and reveals the actual sizes and shape of the mouse. We really love this design as user can try the mouse if it fits on their hand and suit them well.

There’s an image of the mouse on the left side once user flipped open the box for the simple introduction for the mouse with basic specification under it.

The packaging is very simple. The mouse is covered with hard plastic that molded with the shape of the mouse and some rooms for the cables. There are no manual or instruction given.

Viola! That’s the view of the CM Storm Alcor. The design is very simple but sleek and the whole mouse is coated with soft touch paint. The coating makes the mouse feels comfort to grip and it won’t be easily slipped.

The gold coated USB should be a must on every gaming mouse on the market. Gold plate delivers faster transfer rate and best signal strength compared to standard USB connector.

On the left side of the mouse, there are 2 buttons which came by default for forward and backward for web-navigation.

There’s nothing on the right side besides the smooth surface of the mouse itself.

The CM Storm Alcor came with 2 On-the-fly buttons for DPI Adjustment up to 4 levels range from 800 to 4000 DPI. CM is using high impact encoded wheel for precise scrolling.

The CM Storm logo on the mouse will change into 4 different colors to indicate the current DPI setting.

On the back there’s a model name and serial number for the mouse. On the bottom part user can see CM Storm logo in half.

The front view of the mouse itself. Too bad Cooler Master didn’t make the mouse cord fully sleeved.

White LED indicate 800 DPI

Red LED indicate 1600 DPI

Green LED indicate 3200 DPI

Blue LED indicate 4000 DPI


Now it came for the last part of the review. I’m quite happy with the mouse despite the design is too simple. There are no patterns at all besides the illuminate logo on the middle. The mouse is more favorable to user that right handed and using grip style for the mouse. Even after a long usage of gaming and daily work, my hand does not feel fatigue but just a bit of awkward on earlier of using it as I’m a claw type.

What we notice on this mouse is that CM Storm just makes the rubber feet quite small which make it a little bit harder to stop the mouse. Apart from that, the OMRON Switches have a pleasant feeling when clicking the mouse. I really like the On-the-fly button. It’s make my gaming experience more easier to increase and decrease the DPI speed. It helps me when I wanted to focus on aim with the scoop with lower DPI level and shooting enemies of different target on high DPI level.

Finally, thank you to Cooler Master Malaysia for giving me the chance to review the CM Storm Alcor.

Performance: 4/5
Materials: 5/5
Specifications: 5/5
Appearance: 5/5
Performance/Price Value: 4/5

+ Ergonomic and sleek design
+ Precise optical sensor
+ illuminated Logo
+ Comfort during usage

- Awkward for left handed user
- Small rubber pad for the feet

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