Review: Armageddon Fuze 7 - The Ultimate 7.1 Gaming Headset

Armageddon Fuze 7

The Ultimate 7.1 Surrounding Gaming Headset


Today, we received a sample unit of Armageddon Fuze 7 Gaming Earphone. The FUZE 7 aims user to elevate the gaming experience with a good balance between the treble, mid-rage and bass frequencies to produce rich details that contribute to an immersive 7.1 sound stage. Armageddon design the headphone with large, 500mm driver build in, over-ears cup paddle with soft sponge and looks very aggressively on our Black-Red sample. There’s are a total of 3 colors to choose from black-red, black-yellow and white-blue.


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In this section, we will make an unboxing of Armageddon Fuze 7, the ultimate gaming earphone. From the first look, the box design really impressed me as Armageddon makes the packaging look very unique.

Armageddon make the box design so simple. The model of FUZE 7 is mentioned on the middle of the box and Armageddon logo on the top left of the front box. The 5 ‘shield-alike’ logo indicate the features for the headset.

User can obtained important information of full specification for the Armageddon Fuze 7 on the left side of the box. If you notice, on the bottom part there’s a logo of yellow eagle bird with bar code features. User can use their smartphone and scan the barcode to access Armageddon website.

Armageddon makes a simple introduction for their gaming headset of Fuze 7. If you notice the flags at the bottom is the highlighted features of Fuze 7 in other foreign languages.

Armageddon makes the box with plastic transparent to sneak peek of the half side of FUZE 7. From this, user can estimate overall size and shapes of the headset.

The inside package is very simple and straight forward. Upon unboxing the Armageddon wording is engraved on the top of the headrest.

The rex box is holding the headset and at the bottom is where all the accessories, manual book and driver is hidden.




All the accessories bundled with the package:

  • Headset
  • Manual Book

  • Driver disc


The overall view of the Armageddon Fuze 7 Gaming Headset. The cable is 1.5m long and should be enough to connect at the back of our motherboard back I/O Panel.


Armageddon is using prestige material of gold plating technology for the USB connector. Gold plate is said to be faster transfer rate and best signal strength compared to standard connector.


The headset is built in with Ferrite bead to suppress high frequency noise in electronic circuits from the USB to the headset. Easily said, it helps to reduce interference so that the headset can works in better performance without interference of white noise.


The Fuze 7 in build in with the Control Function. There’s a button for increase and decrease the volume and mute/unmute the microphone. Did I mentioned before the diamond logo on the middle is glow with red led when powered up? Cool yeah, now you can see where the Control button is during night gaming session.


If user flip over the Control Button, there’s Serial Number and Warranty Expired for the Armageddon Fuze 7.


Armageddon is using 50mm driver size and soft leather fabrics on the ear cup cushion. The ear cup is big enough to cover my ears and comfort even after long period in the battlefield.


The headband have a soft cushion made out of leather with comfy feeling.


As usual, the headset came with adjustable strap to fit with user head size. This is the first headset that was big enough as we does not need to extend the strap to fit with our big head.

The side view of the Armageddon Fuze 7. There’s a word of FUZE 7 and L to indicate the model name and headset side. The 4 strip on both left and side of the headset also glow with red LED when connected to the power source.


The cable is well protected with plastic and should be durable enough even on aggressive usage. Too bad the cable is not detachable.


The microphone came with Armageddon wording crafted on it. Armageddon design the microphone to build in with noise cancelation features to reduce the unwanted noise from surrounding.



Now it’s time for final word. We could say Armageddon really impressed with us on the package design. We could see they attempted to make the packaging simple and yet very stylistic. Now it’s come to the user experience with the headset. We were surprise that Armageddon could create a headset with the sound quality, clarity and bass produce from that pricetag. The headset deliver good surrounding sound despite the budget headset during our gaming session and bass is punchy too. For the bassy head user out there, you might interested with this one. Before we forgot, the headset came with Software Driver which could be used to further tweaking around with the sound equalizer. We slightly depress this great headset came with too bulky and big design. Our head is big enough and yet it does not fully cover our ear as the cup is not movable. The microphone line also does not really reach my mouth as it slightly short. Put aside all the negative stuff as what to expect much for a budget gaming headset. More importantly the sound quality produce from the headset it awesome! We believe Armageddon can still improvise the headset with better design and who knows, with the same pricetag or lower but better sound quality that could beat all the premium headset on the market in the future.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to Armageddon for giving me a chance to play and review the Armageddon Fuze 7 Gaming Earphone.

Performance: 4/5
Materials: 4/5
Specifications: 4/5
Appearance: 5/5
Performance/Price Value: 4/5


  • Great sound quality
  • Comfort after long usage

  • Nice and sleek aggressive design

  • Cheap gaming headset

  • Came with sound equalizer software



    • Too bulky and big
  • Short microphone line


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