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MOA-APAC Qualifier - Elimination Round Ended!

7th July - The Elimination round for MSI Master Overclocking Arena APAC Qualifier has ended earlier today. Just as rules, 15 Overclockers from the total of 9 countries qualified to proceed with the Qualifier. They will continue to submit scores and fight until 12th of May Above is the list of the ...Read More

Lightning Strikes!

MSI HD 7970 Lightning graphics card has broken the world record 8 consecutive times! The top 5 winners of the MOA 2012 EMEA Qualifier have been announced and go to Worldwide Grand Finals! The amazing records of 3DMark11 & 3DMark03, written by MSI HD7970 Lightning graphics cards. (Taipei – Taiwan) The fierce ...Read More

Preview: MSI GTX670 Power Edition

Leading mainboard and graphics card maker, MSI recently announced the release of its GTX 670 Power Edition (P/N: N670GTX PE 2GD5/OC and N670GTX PE 2GD5) graphics card. The new GTX 670 Power Edition is based on the MSI Power Edition architecture which incorporates Triple Overvoltage and a strengthened PWM enabling an impressive ...Read More

Preview: MSI Z77A-GD65

Related PostsMSI X79 Motherboards break 7 Ivy Bridge-E World Records MSI Beat It Malaysia National Finals 2013 ...Read More

|Review| MSI Big Bang Xpower II

INTRODUCTION The Big Bang series of mainboards from MSI such as Trinergy, Fuzion, XPower, and Marshal is not new to most users. The Big Bang series is designed and tailor-made for gamers and extreme power users by utilising the best components to deliver the best performance. Each of the Big Bang series ...Read More

|Preview| Gigabyte Sumo Power 1200W

Gigabyte, one of a top player for graphics card and mainboard but also is not new in the Power Supply (PSU) market. The most famous Gigabyte PSU in Malaysia is the Entry Level Powerock 390W. For low budget build, this model can be found in most recommendation lists.In the past years, the ...Read More