ASUS Master DIY Tour 2012 @ Johor Bahru

A freaking good time, that was what happened when ASUS Malaysia gathered some of southern Malaysia most hardcore PC enthusiast @ ASUS Master DIY Tour 2012. ASUS Malaysia wrapped up the tour with Johor Bahru as it’s final destination on 20th October at the cozy Chat Room Cafe located at Mount Austin. Do check check out the reports done for Kuala Lumpur and Penang to get the full picture of this event.

The registration started at 11AM and heck there was quite a huge turnout. However, the participants queuing up for registration in Kuala Lumpur leg was seriously the most surprising where almost all showed out as early as 10:30AM. Those who were early took the time to admire the hardware on display and got to know each other while waiting for the registration process to complete. Facebook, Whatapps, BBM were exchanged and hardware-talk took place.

The ASUS Master DIY Tour 2012 theme was all the same for all three location. It started with a presentation by Juan Chong discussing the Republic of Gamers mainboard and graphics card features as well as a OverClocking workshop headed by Gurus handpicked by Juan Chong himself. The OverClocking workshop was meant to educate participants rather than a competition. Participants were divided into 3 groups headed by ah_khoo, me myself, hilmiangah and also louislkw. Both ah_khoo and louislkw came all the way from Singapore to help however they are both Malaysian.

The Testbed

  • Intel® Core™ i7-3770K Processor cooled by Arctic Freezer i30
  • ASUS Maximus V Gene
  • ASUS GTX550-Ti DirectCU TOP
  • Mushkin 997084 DDR3 (2x4GB) 8GB PC3-19200 2400MHz 10-12-12-28 Redline Ridgeback
  • Mushkin Chronos 120GB SSD
  • Seasonic 80 Plus Platinum/Gold Modular PSU

The Benchmarks

  • Super Pi 32M
  • MemtweakIt (with HyperPi 8M stable)
  • Futuremark 3DMark11

For the OverClocking Workshop, the winning team will receive a Mystery Gift. And did i mention anything about lucky draw yet? Well yeah ASUS Malaysia did bring a few goodies to be given away to the luckiest participant or some would say the whole draw was rigged. Yeah! Ejoy, won another lucky draw for himsefl with ASUS Malaysia AGAIN!! The previous one was with ASUS Open Platform Milestone Achiever Appreciation Night 2012 @ Johor Bahru!!

1st Lucky Draw Winner was Ejoy and he walked away with the Mushkin Redline courtesy of Mushkin Malaysia

Michael meanwhile walked away with the mini wonder, the Rampage IV Gene *jelly*

So the agenda for the day was to mingle around exchange knowledge, idea and experience besides the OverClocking Workshop as mentioned. Participants were divided into 3 teams with each team led by either one of Malaysian “renowned” OverClocker louislkw, ah_khoo & hilmiangah.

Team A led by louislkw seen here in his trademake shorts. As he made an effort to ask Juan Chong what’s the attire for the event. And guess what, it’s CASUAL! You are allowed to be naked if you want to.

ah_khoo (2nd from right) seen here mingling with his teammate before the workshop got started.

hilmiangah and his chubby cheek in-charged of the most “bising” team there, Team C

Since it was clear that the OverClocking Workshop was to educate the participants, all of the Gurus let the participants to do the job. While the Gurus just gave some tips and guidance.

The Lucky Draw was randomly organized. When the atmosphere seems to be swaying away, Juan Chong immediately announced, LUCKY DRAW TIME, AGAIN!!!!

The ASUS GTX560-Ti DirectCU II went to Luqman, the low profile enthusiast.

Last but not least, the one item i would really love to have for my notebook went to Akmal aka sarahlah. He walked away with a Mushkin Chronos 128GB SSD. *jellier*

After the OverClocking Workshop was completed and the score was tallied, Team A led by louislkw emerged victorious!! Congrats to them.

Before the ASUS Master DIY Tour comes to an end, ASUS Malaysia took the time to get in touch with enthusiast to get direct feedback and also their thoughts of the event. Personally, i really enjoyed the time spent together with the guys where we were able to talk on the topic we are into, which is PC Hardware.

I certainly hope that this one of it’s kind event would continue next year as it gives us, enthusiast a place to finally share and have fun together. And i pretty sure that most of the participants share the same sentiment. ASUS Malaysia has taken the first step. Let’s hope there’s more vendor/manufacturer would follow suit.

Picture Gallery: ASUS Master DIY Tour 2012
Photographer: Hafiz Abdul Hadi