ASUS Master DIY Tour 2012 @ Kuala Lumpur

Recently on the 1st of September, ASUS Malaysia held an event that was meant to gather up all the enthusiast and hardware lovers at one place to share their thought and provide a platform for them to learn more about the ASUS product.

The event was called ASUS Master DIY Tour 2012. The event was held over at Red Box Plus, Pavilion with 2 more coming up over in Penang and Johor Bahru.

The event was scheduled to start at 11AM and by 10:30AM there was already a long queue for registration

The swag bag alone worth the effort attending the event

All smile after registration and swag collection is done.

The participant were then seated while waiting for the event to start

The event was hosted by ASUS Malaysia’s own technical representative, Juan Chong

Mr. Kenneth Lim of MUSHKIN Malaysia discussing what MUSHKIN represent and their value in local market. MUSHKIN is one of the official Event Partner of ASUS Master DIY Tour 2012.

Not forgetting the platform they were benching with. The platform is powered by an ASUS Maximus V Gene motherboard equipped with Intel Core i7 3770K processor cooled by an Arctic Freezer i30.

The graphics card, ASUS GTX 550-Ti DirectCU TOP

The Memory, Mushkin Redline 1866MHz 997052 PC3-14900 9-9-9 8GB Kit

The SSD, Mushkin Chronos 120GB

The PSU, Seasonic 80 Plus Platinum/Gold solutions

What followed next is some of the goodies that ASUS Malaysia brought along to be shared with the participant

As the session went on, the participant were asked to take over the helm to try OverClocking first hand.

And while waiting for the score to be tabulated after the contest was finished the most anticipated event was going to take place. THE LUCKY DRAW!!!!!

Seen here is Juan Chong with Mr. Jacky Lim, Business Development Director of ASUS Malaysia.

So the 1st prize was given to our very own Lowyat.NET seasoned trader, zhen^wei. He walked away with the ASUS Rampage IV Gene which cost around RM1k++

The 2nd prize was won by our beloved Lowyat.NET Staff, Lacus. He walked away with the Mushkin Redline 1866MHz 997052 PC3-14900 9-9-9 8GB Kit

The 3rd prize went to xixo_12, who is a regular over at Overclockers United section of our beloved forum. He went away with an ASUS GTX 560-Ti DirectCU II

And the final prize went to Redox, and he walked away with a brand spanking new Mushkin Chronos 120GB SSD

And after the score was tabulated the winner was announced for the Overclocking Mini Contest. It was Team B led by bob(nz)

They walked away with a mystery prizes thats supposed to be divided by 10 people, good luck with that.

After that the ASUS Malaysia team, formed of their marketing and technical division have a talk with the participant getting their feedback of the ASUS product and opinion in regards as of how they can improve the product and services.

After all is done the event finished at around 3PM with these picture

Personally i think ASUS Malaysia did a great job, pooling up all those existing user and their potential customer at one place and explain their vision and objective of the PC hardware market and at the same time get a 1st hand feedback from actual user.

I hope this isn’t the last of such event and there will be more to be held. That’s all from me, hilmiangah and for more pictures from the event please drop by my flickr page.

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