Lightning Strikes!

MSI HD 7970 Lightning graphics card has broken the world record 8 consecutive times! The top 5 winners of the MOA 2012 EMEA Qualifier have been announced and go to Worldwide Grand Finals!

The amazing records of 3DMark11 & 3DMark03, written by MSI HD7970 Lightning graphics cards.

(Taipei – Taiwan) The fierce MSI MOA (Master Overclocking Arena) 2012 EMEA Qualifier competition has ended successfully on June 14; European overclocking experts from a total of 16 countries competed in the event and have broken world records for 3DMark11 and 3DMark03 eight consecutive times. The top five scores of the winners of EMEA Qualifier competition are Xtreme Addict (Poland), T0lsty (Ukraine), ryba ( (Poland), Aristidis (Greece) and Smoke (Russian Federation); the winners will team up and advance to the MOA 2012 World Overclocking Finals, and head to Taiwan to compete in the world-class “Steel World” competition!

During this skirmish, the competitors’ first choice MSI HD 7970 Lightning graphics card ranked number 1 for both 3DMark11 and 3DMark03; the Polish contestant Xtreme Addict’s 3DMark11 P score: 16055 marks and the Ukraine contestant T0lsty’s 3DMark03 score: 214000 marks won the competition’s first place for each single graphics card event respectively,. Which just goes to show that the contestants are completely fired up to march towards the worldwide Grand Final! [After the EMEA Qualifier, another shot at 3DMark11 P score of 16259 marks resulted in a new WR by Polish overclocker: ryba (]

As the king of graphics cards, the MSI R7970 Lightning is not only equipped with Military Class III components certified to MIL-STD-810G military standards and features many innovative technologies such as Unlocked Digital Power, GPU Reactor, Twin Frozr IV Thermal Design and 3X3 OC Kits. These technologies demonstrate MSI’s use of industry-leading Research & Design to provide customers with an even more perfect user experience and product performance. Learn more about the R7970 Lightning, please visit:

The annual overclocking competition MOA (Master Overclocking Arena) 2012 held by the world’s leading mainboard and graphics card manufacturer MSI, is holding APAC qualifier competitions from June 15 to July 12, Overclocking experts of the Asia-Pacific region: hurry up and prepare your tools and show us what you got!

Winner List for MOA 2012 EMEA Qualifier:

Ranking Name Country Award
1st Xtreme Addict Poland MOA Grand Final
2nd T0lsty Ukraine MOA Grand Final
3rd ryba ( Poland MOA Grand Final
4th Aristidis Greece MOA Grand Final
5th Smoke Russian Federation MOA Grand Final
6th Billy_the_kid Portugal MSI Z77A-GD80
7th Cische Italy Z77A-GD65
Lucky Draw Vivi South Africa MSI R7770 Power Edition
Lucky Draw Jurky Croatia MSI R7770 Power Edition

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