|Preview| Gigabyte Sumo Power 1200W

Gigabyte, one of a top player for graphics card and mainboard but also is not new in the Power Supply (PSU) market.

The most famous Gigabyte PSU in Malaysia is the Entry Level Powerock 390W. For low budget build, this model can be found in most recommendation lists.In the past years, the Gigabyte Odin series was quite popular among PC lovers due to the brand and availability. Now, Gigabyte introduced new line of Power Supply model called Sumo Power.

Gigabyte Sumo Power available in 900W and 1200W models. This product line is to serve the high power demand PC most likely for Gamers, OverClockers , Benchmarkers and PC Enthusiast.

Gigabyte Sumo Power 1200w Product Pagehttp://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3689#kf



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