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Armageddon Nuke 7

The Ultimate Gaming Earphone


Today, we received a sample unit of Armageddon Nuke 7 Gaming Earphone. The NUKE 7 comes with different sizes of ear buds for the user to get a perfect fit inside their ears. Nuke 7 cable comes with a flat and tangle-free design and with 3.5mm audio jack at the end of it. Not only that, this earphone is shipped together with Flight Adaptor which will be useful for user who wanted the use the earphone during the flight. The Nuke 7 came with 3 different colors to choose from; Black, Silver and Yellow.

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In this section, we will cover the unboxing of Armageddon Nuke 7. From the first look, the box design impressed me as Armageddon makes the packaging look very unique.

Armageddon design the front of the box cleanly. There’s only the logo design of NUKE 7 on the top left of the box and ‘The Ultimate Gaming Earphones’ moniker vertically.

At the back, the earphone accessories are perfectly aligned inside the radioactive-shaped which can be peek through a transparent plastic. The accessory features are explained in details. On the top right corner of the box, users can find the scanned bar code to access websites and important page of Armageddon.

On the left side of the box, user can find the full specifications for the earphone driver, microphone and its button function, cable, jack and list of content user can expect to be found inside the box.

Each of the accessories is perfectly fitted inside the soft foam. We could say that it’s not that easy to remove or taking out each of the accessories as it shape follows the foam and secure it nicely.

If you notice the above picture only have one earphone, the other earphone pair is on the right side of the box together with the 3.5 audio jack and microphone.

Each of the Nuke 7 package contain a warranty card.

All the package and accessories bundled:

  • Nuke 7 Earphone
  • Earphone Pouch
  • Audio Splitter
  • In-flight Adaptor
  • Replacement tips
  • Warranty Card

Armageddon is giving an in-flight adaptor along with the earphone package so that frequent flyers can use these earphones for with the in-flight entertainment system.

The outside view of the earphone pouch. We could say the design is sturdy enough for the protection of the earphone.

Inner side of the earphone pouch. There’s a small separate compartment in case user wanted to keep the in-flight adaptor or other cables.

There’s three extra earphone replacement bud to fit with different need of the user’s requirements.

The package also contained an Audio Splitter cable to split 4 step 3.5 audio jack into separate jacks for sound input and output for user convenience.

The overall view of the Armageddon Nuke 7 Gaming Earphone. We really love the flat cable design and its tangle-less feature really made ownership hassle free.

The actual color of the earphone is silver when compared if you look inside their website which showing the picture of silver is white earphone.

There’s an Armageddon logo on each side of the earphone.

The earphone comes along with a multi functional microphone button. The button can be used both of communication during gaming session and to pair with the smartphone.

Looking at the end of the cable is a right-angled, gold plated 3.5mm audio jack. There’s a word of Armageddon at the nearly end of the cable. We could say right angled jack is always nice when paired up with smartphone user.



Now it’s time for our final conclusion. We could say Armageddon really impressed us with the package design. We could see they meant to make the packaging simple and yet very stylistic. Now come to the user experience with the earphone. When we received the earphone, we tried to play a little music from my PC Album and from it we could say the earphone produces quite weird sound, or at least for me, as the bass kicking so strong and fast while treble and the vocal is out. So we put it under burn-in test for 1 week. Each day there will be 10 hours of stressing by using Jlab Audio Burn-in. After the test is finished, we quite satisfied with the outcome result of the audio quality. The bass, as usual stays strong but I feel uncomfortable after a long usage and the treble is good and the vocal is quite clear when I try to communicate during gaming session compare the previously. Armageddon is giving an in-flight adaptor along with the earphone package so that frequent flyers can use these earphones for the in-flight entertainment.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to Armageddon for giving me a chance to play and review the Armageddon Nuke 7 Gaming Earphone.

Performance: 3/5
Materials: 4/5
Specifications: 4/5
Appearance: 5/5
Performance/Price Value: 4/5


  • Came with Inflight Adaptor
  • In-line microphone with a multi function button
  • Fair price
  • Sturdy earphone pouch
  • Tangle-free cable design

+Bass too strong
+Silver color tends to look cheap


Armageddon Nuke 7 Gaming Earphone received Silver Award from

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