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ASRock Fatal1ty Killer Series Motherboards Unveiled

If you consider online gaming as a fundamental belief, pwning opponents online as a religion that fulfils your life, and the pursuit of a fast and stable internet connection as one of your core values, then ASRock has the answers to probably not all but at least most of your life’s questions: ...Read More

Announcing the CM Storm QuickFire Stealth Gaming Keyboard

Cooler Master, an industry leading case, thermal solution, gaming gear, and mobile accessory manufacturer, has announced the release of the QuickFire Stealth gaming keyboard. QuickFire Stealth is a mechanical gaming keyboard with the printed letters on the front of the keys instead of on top. When you look directly down on the ...Read More

Cooler Master Awarded reddot Design Awards 2013 for V8GTS CPU Cooler

Cooler Master, an industry leading chassis, thermal solution, peripheral, and accessory manufacturer today unleashes one of the most powerful Air CPU Coolers, the V8 GTS. It’s powered by the very same Horizontal Vapor Chamber(HVC) Technology that keeps high-end graphics cards cool while containing very high air flow within its huge, powerful fans. Related Posts[Cooler ...Read More

Cooler Master Announces The New V4GTS CPU Cooler

The Cooler Master V4 GTS is the latest addition to Cooler Masters famous V-series of Performance Heatsink featuring a powerful car engine look. The V4 GTS features a high performance horizontal vapor chamber, an industry first! It spreads heat up to 8x faster than Heatpipes which minimizes CPU hotspots and quickly balances ...Read More

Cooler Master Announces The New G Series PSU

Cooler Master is proud to announce the new G-Series Power Supplies for ATX-computer systems. This series consists of three models: 500W (G500), 600W (G600) and 700W (G700). The G-series are high efficient because of active PFC and are 80Plus Bronze certified. These energy-transformers are able to handle big graphic cards and the latest ...Read More

Intel and SME Bank enter into an MOU to support ICT and Entrepreneurship Training Programs for SMEs in Malaysia

Intel Malaysia and SME Bank has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to explore making available two training progams, Intel® Learn Easy Steps and Intel® Entrepreneurship Basics (E-Basics), to SME Bank to complement its existing SME community training and development programs. The training is proposed to be incorporated into SME Bank’s training ...Read More