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ASRock Z87M OC Formula Breaks Memory Frequency World Record @ DDR3 4285.6MHz

The one and only ace of overclocking Nick Shih continues to push DDR3 memory frequencies to new boundaries which no man has ever set foot on. He has reached a ludicrous DDR3 4285.6MHz with ASRock’s Z87M OC Formula, the micro sized Z87 motherboard he designed specifically for OverClocking, and it all happened on this year’s OverClocking show at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2013!

ASRock’s Z87M OC Formula meets Team Group Xtreem-LV-2666! Nick Shih tops the memory clock world record with an unbelievable DDR3 4285.6MHz score. The official HWBot submission can be found here.

ASRock introduces A-Style Home Cloud

For the past couple of years “Cloud Computing” has been among the list of most frequently used nebulous buzzwords. The fact is, you might already have been benefiting from those sneaky cloud services unknowingly, such as cloud data storage, online system backups, peer to peer file sharing or even web based virus scans and system checkups. Along with the new release of Intel 8 Series motherboards, ASRock is taking Cloud Computing to another level by A-Style Home Cloud! The complete remote wake and remote desktop solution for your personal computers.

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ASRock A-Style: Conformal Coating Protects against Dust, Corrosion and Extreme Temperatures

You have butterfingers, unfortunately we’re not talking about those delicious sweets, but the kind that makes you practice Newton’s law of universal gravitation every once in a while. And according to Murphy’s law, things tend to get even worse when your slippery hands get involved with electronics. What usually happens when you spill beverages or other conductive liquids onto your motherboard is that it turns into a not-so-fun sizzling barbeque fest, and then your motherboard dies of short circuit fatefully. That’s where A-Style, Conformal Coating comes in.

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ASRock Promises A-Style Motherboards Improves its Network Solutions: 2T2R Dual Band 802.11ac WiFi + Bluetooth v4.0

Take a good minute to reminisce all the joy and fun you had on the internet. Good times, I tell you. Then take another solid minute to recollect those dark depressing moments when the connection was either slow or unstable. Images turning into rectangles with red crosses, laggy videos that took forever to load, downloads that tragically failed at the last few seconds, and it all seemed like the world was coming to an end. Rest assured that ASRock is bringing better Internet connections to the upcoming Intel 8 Series motherboards with A-Style: 2T2R Dual Band 802.11ac WiFi + Bluetooth v4.0!

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ASRock Z87 Extreme9/ac - World’s First Intel 8 Series Motherboard with Thunderbolt Certification

If you’ve been following news of computing technologies, you’ve probably already noticed the presence of Thunderbolt technology. Now the maestros of motherboard manufacturing, ASRock is the world’s first to add more of these wonderful Thunderbolt ports to the upcoming Intel 8 Series motherboards! What’s more, the company’s top-of-the-line Z87 Extreme9/ac motherboard is the world’s first Intel 8 Series motherboard to pass the Intel Thunderbolt™ certification.

These Thunderbolt ports will come on ASRock’s Z87 Extreme9/ac, which are allegedly arriving to the market very soon, along with dozens of other exciting new features, such as ASRock’s A-Style. So, if you’re looking forward to build a solid next gen desktop rig with insanely fast data transfer abilities and innovative new software or hardware features, keep your eyes open for this bad boy.

ASRock Brings New Technology to Light, the A-Style: Purity SoundTM

Onboard audio solutions, an essential yet long-overlooked part of computing, especially in this era of rich multimedia contents. In the past, the quality of these onboard audio solutions has been loathed by music lovers, while countless audiophiles mourned over bleeding ears caused by distortion. Woe no more! Everyone can dry their eyes now, because ASRock is here with music to your ears. ASRock’s 8 Series motherboards will be packed with a set of various new features with the code name A-Style, which includes Purity SoundTM, a revolutionary audio solution for people who take audio seriously.

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