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ASRock’s New FM2+ Motherboards with A-Style Home Cloud 0

Alas! We’ve all been through this before, through the everlasting pain and beset by the agony of waiting forever and ever. Beneath years of tears and doubt, it takes patience to wait for that special silver lining, and so is the long anticipated AMD FM2+ series. Although the new

ASRock A-Style: Conformal Coating Protects against Dust, Corrosion and Extreme Temperatures 0

You have butterfingers, unfortunately we’re not talking about those delicious sweets, but the kind that makes you practice Newton’s law of universal gravitation every once in a while. And according to Murphy’s law, things tend to get even worse when your slippery hands get involved with electronics. What usually

ASRock Promises A-Style Motherboards Improves its Network Solutions: 2T2R Dual Band 802.11ac WiFi + Bluetooth v4.0 0

Take a good minute to reminisce all the joy and fun you had on the internet. Good times, I tell you. Then take another solid minute to recollect those dark depressing moments when the connection was either slow or unstable. Images turning into rectangles with red crosses, laggy videos