Swiftech Releases Apogee Drive II AM4 Model

Swiftech releases the Apogee Drive II AM4 model; this new version of the product is compatible with all AMD sockets including the latest Ryzen class processors.

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Like a phoenix rising from its ashes, the Apogee™ Drive II integrated pump & waterblock returns to take its place at the helm of Swiftech’s CPU waterblock product line. Close to 24 months in the making, it includes all the latest technological advancements that we have to offer:
  • Best thermal performance: the Apogee™ Drive II manages to achieve better thermal performance than the award-winning Apogee™ HD.
  • Best hydraulic performance: thanks to the integrated, PWM controlled MCP35X pump, which has established itself as the best-in-class pump on the market, the Apogee™ Drive II is the world’s only waterblock that can be considered as a flow enhancing device, as opposed to a flow-robbing device.
  • Best retention mechanism: proven time and again to satisfy beginners and hard-core enthusiasts alike for its ease of use, reliability, and repeatable results.
  • Compact form factor enables liquid cooling in space constrained  applications.
  • Adjustable G1/4 inlet and outlet ports, compatible with all compression fittings.
  • Illuminated logo in 3 colors: Red, Blue, or green.


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