Review: Zeecool Ghostarmor GMS2000

Zeecool GhostArmor GMS2000
One Set Budget Gaming Gear


Lately we have noticed a trend of customer looking for Zeecool products as a starter gaming peripheral kit. The hot-cake selling model is Zeecool GhostArmor GMS2000 as the pricetag just only RM89 but included with backlit keyboard and mouse. The combo also comes with free braided mousepad. Both keyboard and mouse backlit can change with 3 different color of red, blue and purple. Not only that, the keyboard allows user to control shortcut keys such as media and LEDs brightness. Let’s not wasted our time and move on to the unboxing!

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Suggest Retail Price:
Zeecool Gaming Keyboard only: RM69
Zeecool Gaming Keyboard + Mouse + Mousepad: RM89
Zeecool Gaming Headset: RM89


We will separate two unboxing since the headphones and other packaging is different.

Zeecool GhostArmour Combo

The front view of Zeecool Ghostarmor GMS2000. Both combo and keyboard only have the same package design, but with different EAN Code.

At the back, user can see features of the mouse and also illustrated image of both mouse and keyboard. We notice its lack information like shortcut keys or at least full specification of both mouse and keyboard.

The main box can be flipped open to reveal the actual unit of Zeecool products. Both keyboard and mouse are wrapped inside a soft plastic to prevent the unit from scratches. Both mouse and mousepad is located underneath the keyboard.

The overall design of Zeecool Ghostarmot gaming keyboard. The body is made out of plastic and only available in white colour. The keycaps are removable and comes in gray color.

At the back, user can see there’s a total of 2 keyboard feet and there also only 2 rubberized feet to hold the unit. If you look closely, the small hole is for water flowing out in case of spillage. And yes the plate at the back is designed with aluminum finishing.

All the keycaps of the keyboard are removable for easy accessing parts and cleaning. User can control brightness of the LEDs by pressing Fn+ Up/Down arrow keys.

The LEDs can change with 3 different color by pressing Fn+ Scroll Lock. If you press Fn+Print Screen, the keyboard LEDs will be in breathing mode and changing with 3 different colors.

As we mentioned before, this keyboard support multimedia shortcut keys. Just hold the Fn key and hit any button respectively for the shortcut.

The overall design of the zeecool mouse combo with the package. The mouse also has backlit of 3 different colors, same with the keyboard.

The left side of the mouse comes with 2 changeable buttons. By default, the button works as forward and backward function, especially in the browser.

The design for both left and right side is quite unique. Compared to standard mouse, all of them is just simple and plain while zeecool makes it look more futuristic and robot-like shape.

There’s a total of 3 rubber feet underneath the mouse. In the middle, user can see the full specification of the mouse.

User can change LED by clicking the button with running logo, while changing up to 3 different DPI level.

Zeecool just take OEM Razer-like design for their mousepad and just add their logo on the bottom left of the mouse pad. It would fit much better if they just make it plain black with their logo only on the mousepad.

Each side of the mousepad is braided to increase lifespan. The surface is soft, smooth and suitable to be used with any mouse.

Underneath the mousepad is the standard rubber surface which helps to maintain it in any surface.

Zeecool GH-2000 7.1 Sound Effect Gaming Headset

You can actually see the real unit since Zeecool makes the packaging half transparent on the right side. As the title, Zeecool claims this headphones have 7.1 sound effect, something worth to try right?

Zeecool provide all the specification you need for headphone comparison at the back of the package. The top underneath the wording of GH-2000 is some simple introduction of the product by Zeecool.

Once flipped open, it reveal the unit which hold by the card box on the middle as the headphone rest.

The overall view of the Zeecool GH-2000 7.1 Surround Sound Effect Gaming Headphones.

I never saw this kind of build before. Zeecool makes the end of the cable protected by spring on the outer layer which by theoretically reduce the breakage of the cable.

Im not quite like the headband since Zeecool use hard plastic and just about 2cm of soft plastic as the cushion. When I wear it, I can feel the stiffness and hardness on the headband.

The earpad cushion is made out of TPU leather. The earpad design is fixed and thus unable to adjust the angle. Since the headband is stiff, the ear pad does not fully cover my head.

The microphone is made out of rubber, it can be bend but need to hold it longer otherwise it will be to their original shape. You need to be patient on setting up this microphone to make it close to your mouth.

The cable is about 2.2m length and separate into 3 different parts. 1 is for 3.5’’ standard audio jack and microphone jack. The USB function is for the lighting effect. I tried to connect USB only to the powerbank and guess what, its light up!

Lighting Effect

Zeecool Gaming Keyboard

Zeecool Gaming Mouse

Zeecool Gaming Headset


When it comes to budget gaming or entry peripherals, I always neglect the build quality since you won’t get it at that price anyway. The important things is the feeling, whether they could provide what other brands cannot make it and Zeecool proves that they can make it awesome in both quality and feeling! The Ghostarmour combo is one of the best combinations of one set budget gaming. The keyboard is soft, which not like the cheapo membrane which gives a really stiff feeling. Zeecool makes it better with shortcut media button and even comes with 3 different backlit LEDs which can be change the mode and color easily. The bottom part also made out of steel with aluminum finishing and not standard plastic like other brands did. The mouse however, gives me slight fatigue feeling since the shape and size does not quite fit with my style. Zeecool did not neglect the DPI level on this mouse and even it can be change up to 3 different color LEDs too. The mousepad is mostly Razer-look OEM with addition Zeecool logo printing on it. And what I respect, even their mousepad is braided! The headset which sold separately, comes with surround sound effect of 7.1 surrounding is on acceptable sound level with slight bass. However, the headset is really stiff and maybe it can be better on longer period of usage. The headband have control in height but I need to set it at maximum to fit with my head, thus it might not fit well on big head user. It’s still one of the best gaming headset at the price of RM89 since it comes with 7 illuminated LEDs, surround sound effect, volume control and microphones.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to Monaliza Mastura for giving me the opportunity to play and review the Zeecool Gaming Set.

If you would like to purchase online, you can directly PM their FB Page @ Monaliza Mastura or whatsapp to +60109109884 (Herry)

Performance: 4/5
Materials: 3/5
Specifications: 4/5
Appearance: 4/5
Performance/Price Value: 5/5

+ Very affordable combo set
+ Removable keycaps
+ Interchanges of 3 LEDs color
+ Almost Cherry key feel-alike
+ Sold separately

- Only comes in white version
- Silver plated USB Port

Zeecool Ghostarmour GMS2000 received Silver and Recomended Award from

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