Review: Tesoro Lobera Spectrum,Kailh Switch Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Tesoro Lobera Spectrum
Advanced Backlighting Kailh Key Mechanical Keyboard


Tesoro has sent us one unit of their keyboard for us to play with, the Tesoro Lobera Spectrum which is a top-notch programmable gaming keyboard with advanced backlighting features. It has a number of stunning illumination modes including an audio mode, which makes the LEDs flash to the beat. Its highly customizable illumination processor even lets set individual key colors and turn the backlighting on and off for each key. Tesoro is using Kailh Mechanical key design to create a solid tactile feel and rapid response for extreme gamers. The keyboard support a High speed USB 2.0 hub with audio jacks offers easy connection for user’s favourite portable peripherals directly on the keyboard itself. 5 profiles, up to 300 macro keys can be defined by the user. Tesoro Lobera Spectrum is the ultimate choice for gamers. So how does it perform? In this review we will show you what’s so special about this mechanical keyboard that worth our attention.

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  • Full Spectrum, Full Customization
  • Backlighting modes
  • Audio Mode
  • USB and Audio Jack Pass Through
  • Instant Recording / 512kb Build-in Storage
  • Built to last, Designed for play

Tesoro Lobera Spectrum Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Official Video

Different choice of Kailh Keys



The moment we are waiting for. The unboxing of the first unit ever reach to Malaysia shore! The Tesoro Lobera Spectrum Advanced Backlighting Mechanical Keyboard. We truly excited to plug and play with it!

The overall view of the from box of Tesoro Lobera Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Tesoro highlighted 5 main features of the keyboard.

At the back, user can find the illustration image of the keyboard itself with labeled parts of the keyboard.

User can find 3 basic features of the keyboard and also color of mechanical switches on the keyboard on this side. There’s also a link for driver and software to be downloaded online.

The packaging is almost the same like a high end graphic card. The unit is well protected inside another small box upon taking out of the main box.

The keyboard is fully protected and covered inside a soft plastic and foams on both left and right to absorb all the external forces during transportation. Rest assured the keyboard is well protected.

Beneath it is where all the accessories and power cable supplied with the keyboard.

All the accessories bundled with the keyboard:
+ Tesoro Lobera Spectrum Keyboard
+ Manual book
+ CD Driver
+ Power cord

The keyboard comes with 2 USB, one for the keyboard and one for the USB passing through. The 2 audio jack also can be connected to the motherboard for Audio mode and your speaker or headset can be connected directly to the keyboard.

One of the highlighted features of Tesoro Lobera Spectrum RGB Keyboard as it have extra 2 USB Port and also both microphone and headset port. In case the USB does not deliver enough juice, user can connect extra power cable in between the USB and audio port to increase the power supplied to the USB Port.

User can change up to 9 different lighting profiles of RGB by pressing Fn key + Right or Left arrow key. By pressing up and down key will increase of decrease the brightness of the lighting effect.

This keyboard support multimedia shortcut button which is really helpful for user that need to change the volume or skip the track without going back to desktop.

User can set and change up to 5 Profiles on the fly by pressing Fn keys with F1 - F5.

We received black kailh key switch for this model. There is a total of 4 different colour switch can be chosen from black, blue, red and brown.

The keycap wording and logo is engraved by semitransparent so that the lighting can be passed through and the key can be seen even in the darkest room.

Tesoro makes the keyboard come with the aluminum finishing. The finishing is really great and perfect. When you touch it you will know the premium level of this keyboard is top notch.

Each side has a single line which also will be illuminated during operating. The effect is really nice, it’s like having a backlight coming out on the side of the keyboard.

The overall design of the Lobera Spectrum RGB at the bottom of the keyboard. Even the bottom part is fully covered by the aluminum finishing.

In case the keyboard is too short, user can increase the height by flipping up the keyboard feet to suit user preferences and more comfort for longer usage.

There is a total of 4 rubber feet at the bottom of the keyboard. The unique design of the rubber feet makes it hold better than the standard straight design.


The Tesoro Lobera Spectrum RGB Gaming Keyboard came with CD Driver for their software or user can download directly on their website for the latest update. The overall design of the software is quite nice, but at first we thought it’s a login interface for online MMORPG Game. Just kidding, it’s a great design!

The overall design of the Lobera Software. User can set up to 5 different profiles and can be switched on the fly directly by pressing Fn + F1 -F5 or by using the software.

Each key can be assigned to different macro function. Choose any button on the keyboard and have fun setting up your own preferences.

If user click on the illumination tab, user can set any color for the keyboard backlit. User can either choose 9 default basic color, scroll for the RGB or even write manually for the R,G and B with the color code which can be found on the internet.

The lighting effects have 9 different types of effects. You can check out the video below of different lighting effect. Some of the lighting effect can be changed into any colors.

Lighting Effect

The lighting effect of the Tesoro Lobera Spectrum RGB Keyboard. The preset is nice! I love the Ripple and Rainbow Wave effect. Did you know user also can set Spectrum Colors for any keys. So you won’t miss the key assign during extreme gaming.









Spectrum Colours


Now it comes to the final part of the review section. Tesoro is standing up again for their products in Malaysia. They give us a chance to play with their keyboard and we truly love the design. The main chassis for the keyboard is layered with perfect aluminum finishing. When we touch it, we can feel the premium level of the products. There’s a lot of features we can do with this keyboard. Tesoro still didn’t give us any news regarding the price but we can expect it should be around RM500. The lighting effect of backlighting is a little dull as we suspect the layer beneath the key is hardly reflecting the lighting. Some of the default assign color is not that perfect and a little run off from the chart. We heard they are re-making the software and I believe it should repair all the bugs on the keyboard. Did you know this keyboard also have Audio mode effects? Just connect the audio cable from the keyboard to the motherboard and enjoy the disco moment with the keyboard. This keyboard support 2 USB Port and Audio jack passes through. User can direct charge their smartphones, connect with the mouse or even plug in their external or pendrive. If the power is not that strong, Tesoro provide free power cable for extra juice on the USB Port. When it comes to the feeling of using the keyboard, we disappoint as we received black kailh switch which does not have tactile or clicky effect. At first the key is stiff but after a long period of usage, we manage to get into a comfort zone. Tesoro Lobera Spectrum is the ultimate choice for gamers.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to Tesoro Malaysia for giving me a chance to play with their keyboard, Tesoro Lobera Spectrum RGB Gaming Keyboard.

Performance: 4/5
Materials: 5/5
Specifications: 4/5
Appearance: 5/5
Performance/Price Value: 4/5

+ Really competitive price with other RGB Keyboard
+ Support addition USB connection direct with the keyboard
+ Premium build quality
+ Astonishing beautiful aluminums finishing

- Software need more improvement in main design and layout
- Kailh key feeling is slightly lower standard than cherry switch
- Lighting effect does not accurate

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