Review : Corsair Vengeance M65 Gaming Mouse


Following the last review we did, here’s the Corsair Vengeance M65 Gaming Mouse review. Released back in January 2013 and the unit we received was the courtesy of Corsair Malaysia. Why don’t we start with the specification first shall we.

Specification & Features

  • 114mm x 83mm x 32mm
  • 164 grams with adjustable weight system
  • 50 – 8200 DPI courtesy of the Avago LaserStream ADNS-9800 sensor
  • Onboard Profile Storage
  • 8 Programmable Buttons
  • 1000/500/250/125Hz Polling Rate
  • 20,000,000 clicks rated
  • Available in 3 color, Arctic White, Gunmetal Black & Military Green
  • High Mass Scrolling Wheel

The mouse is retailing at RM 240.00 (SRP)

Product Walkthrough

We’ll start with front of the box, nothing much except some wording, logo and a picture of the mouse itself which I think is redundant as one can clearly see the mouse clearly through the see clear hard plastic (Pardon me as I’d taken the mouse out earlier).

We can see more of the features stated at the back of the box here along with a mention of the adjustable weight system.

Now we’ll move on to the mouse itself. The sample we received is in Gunmetal Black.

As you can see the mouse is covered in those lovely soft touch material all around. The cable is braided and about 1.8 meter in length. The USB connector is blue in color and there’s Velcro strap so that you can tie up the extra cable for better cable management.

From the picture above we can see the aluminum carcass that serve as the mouse main chassis. Attached to the  outside is again the soft touch plastic. It is like the keyboard sibling the K95 comes with top notch built quality.

Up front we can see the metal scrolling wheel wrapped with the rubber like material. Just above it is the 3 DPI setting button that can be change according to your preferences on the fly. The default DPI value were 800, 2400 and 6000 of which can be changed to that 8200 DPI thru the Corsair Gaming Software. Also visible is the offset cable which come out of the chassis at the left side of the mouse. Looks good but don’t think it’ll affect anything tho.

On the left hand side of the mouse where your thumb might reside there’s the sniper button and also back and forward button. What the sniper button do when you push and hold it is basically lower down the DPI down so that you can aim steadily without the twitch u got from that high DPI.

Down below the mouse you can see the adjustable weight system along with the TPFE glides. The glides is smooth and depending on your preferences, you can either lighten or use all the weight to suit your style. Personally I like my mouse to have some weight and I counter that with that higher DPI. Others might disagree tho. Also visible is the aluminum chassis again and the cutout for the Avago ADNS-9800 sensor powering the 8200 DPI spec. One more thing regarding the mouse is that the button is user programmable thru the Corsair Gaming Software.

Next up is some dark shot of the mouse. As you can see there’s very faint blue light coming out of the mouse and I personally think it can be brighter. Why because I can show off the bright light and it’ll go well with the K95 bright white LED. Take note if you’re not as flashy as I do you can turn off the LED from the Corsair Gaming Software.

Thoughts & Verdicts

For the duration of the testing I did find a few issue with the mouse such as the faint blue lighting (prefer mine bright) and the positioning of the sniper button. During my game of Far Cry 3 or any other fps of that matter, pressing the sniper button will mess up my initial aim as the opposing force from the side of the mouse will move my aim to the right. Might be a case of me pushing to hard or the high DPI that I use (6400 DPI). Another thing I encounter during gaming was the DPI selection button, I ended up pushing the increase DPI button far too often when I’m scrambling thru my Shogun Total War run. In regards of day to day use there’s only one complain of which it stem from the scroll wheel click. It just take more pressure for that click to register and doing so will make my mouse cursor moved. All in all those are just a minor complaint that will either break or make your decision to purchase the mouse but considering the pros this is certainly one of the better mouse out there for that money (until we got our hands on the Proteus Core that is :P).

Performance : 5/5
Materials : 5/5
Specifications : 5/5
Appearance  :  5/5
Performance/Price Value : 4/5

Pros       :

+ Aluminum chassis and great build quality
+ Long and braided non tangle cable
+ 8200 DPI!!
+ Programmable button
+ Nicely weighted scroll wheel
+ Adjustable weighting system
+ This mouse simply looks great with that exposed aluminum

Cons      :

- Sniper and DPI selection button placement resulted in unwanted movement






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