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CM Storm introduces a multi-platform gaming headphone for all the PC and console gamers, CM Storm Ceres-500. CM Storm doing good in gaming peripherals all these while, let’s see what we can expect from this budget headphone. Comes with an inline switch between PC and console, allow volume adjustment and microphone volume adjustment. Provides a great noise isolation with the full ear cups coverage.

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A very nice looking packaging by Cooler Master.

From the side you can see one side of the headphone and it stated can use on multi-platform.

Rear side of the packaging box. Detailed explain all the features of the headphone.

Before go into the headphone, we will take a look at the side dishes that come together. User guide, manual to connect every different platform and RCA cables for console.

RCA cables to connect the headphone the HDTV and 3.5 to 3.5 extension cable.

Here’s the headphone CM Storm Ceres-500, detachable microphone and inline switch.

CM Storm Ceres-500. Black and white theme and simple design as well.

CM Storm logo printed on both of the ear cup.

Thick cushion headband provides a great comfort level for users.

Swivel ear cup design allow users to turn and put it on shoulder when resting.

Over-ear ear cups with breathable mesh design. Some may prefer the leather design, it’s kinda subjective for the padding.

Open up the ear cups and you will see 40mm drivers attaching to the plastic cover.

Foldable design allowed user carry easily and storage.

In line remote for controlling volume, on/off microphone, microphone volume adjustment and switch between console and PC.

Behind the inline remote, there’s a clip for users to hold the microphone on shirt for easier access to tune.

The cable splitter is not adjustable but they provide long enough to avoid uncomfortable cable routing.

USB connector to use on PC and 3.5mm audio jack to paired with RCA cables and connect to HDTV for console usage while USB for power.


Music - With the big ear cups, the noise isolation is superb. The bass is quite sturdy and punchy, but for high mid range the sound quality is not so detailed and it’s muffled. Since this is a gaming series headphone, we are not expecting much from songs.

Gaming - Since this headphone comes with a USB soundcard and it’s not a 7.1 headphone, not able to set Virtual Surround for gaming. With the 40mm drivers the gaming experience is quite awesome, the bass is punchy and you can hear in depth especially during FPS game when enemy getting near to you.

Movie - Will not feel muddy or distortion when going to the climax of action movie, where a lot of bass comes in. It’s very clear and detailed during conversation, even there’s background music you still can hear the vocal in detailed.


At this price tag, CM Storm Ceres-500 can outperform a lot of other headphones in this price range. The big 40mm drivers and breathable mesh ear cups provides good sound and high comfort level. The USB output is a little disappointing for this headphone since you can only amplify the headphone by using the built-in sound card. However, audio can be very subjective, so review might be different from other users.

Performance: 4/5
Materials: 4/5
Specifications: 5/5
Appearance: 4/5
Performance/Price Value: 5/5

+ Comfort ear cups and headband
+ Good noise isolation
+ Dual mode for console and PC
+ Easy to carry around

- USB output
- Inline switch quite big size

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