REVIEW: AVF AKB-GK1 Gaming Freak II Keyboard

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Waterproof With 3 Changeable LED!



AVF Malaysia is moving forward by adding gaming keyboard into their Gaming Freak II Gaming Set. What are we excited about this keyboard is it water resistance feature. Yes! You can wash off any dust that had accumulated underneath the keycaps easily and not to worry about spilling drinks during the usage of the keyboard. Not only have that, at just RM59, user will get 3 LED Backlight (red, blue and purple) with 4 stages of LED brightness control to suit user’s taste. Apart from that, AVF highlight this keyboard of having 10,000,000 times key click lifespan to ensure long lasting keyboard for all kind of environmental usage.


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Suggested Retail Price: RM59






On this section we will unbox the AVF AKB-GK1 Gaming Freak II Keyboard. The packaging of this keyboard is very straight forward with no manuals or other accessories included.

The front box of the AVF AKB-GK1 Gaming Keyboard, AVF highlight several features on the front page of the box such as Gaming Design, Night Mode, Water resistance, Million keystrokes, 4 Stages of Brightness control and 3 LED Backlight. On the top right is the Gaming Freak logo and GK1 which is the model name for this keyboard.

On the back of the box is where few of other features available on this keyboard and full specifications of it. AVF did highlight on the back of the packaging that this products come with 3 month warranty.

The packaging is very simple. There’s only keyboard wrapped inside a plastic once the box is opened and there’s no manual or accessories bundled with the package.

The overall front view of the keyboard. The cable come fully braided with red-black nylon to protect the inner cable.

On the back side of the AVF AKB-GK1 Gaming Freak II Keyboard.

This keyboard come with Ferrite bead to suppress high frequency noise in electronic circuits from the USB to the keyboard. In theory it help to reduce interference so that the keyboard can works in better performance.

AVF has gold plated the keyboard USB 2.0 connector. They claim the gold plating help with faster transfer rate and best signal strength compared to standard USB connector.

On the top right of the keyboard is the logo of Gaming Freak. The 3 green led is to indicate numbering and Caps lock notification for the keyboard.

The keyboard came with standard adjustable key tilt leg to increase height of keyboard to suit the user’s taste.

There’s a sticker at the bottom showing AVF and Gaming Freak logo with the AKB-GK1.

There’s several hole on the back for the water to flow out from the keyboard.

This keyboard is using plastic-like membrane to activate and register the key.

The red dots are the LED that can switch with 3 other colour of Purple, Red and Blue.

On the left and right side of the keyboard showing the transparent bar that glow with the selected color.

The paint and brush keycap is the colour switch buttons for 3 different LED Backlight consist of Blue, Red and Purple. The Sunlight logo on the right is the switch for 4 different of brightness level.

Red backlight LED

Purple backlight LED

Blue backlight LED



AVF Gaming Freak II AKB-GK1 Gaming Keyboard review has come to an end. The cable is fully sleeved with nylon braided which makes it somewhat premium looking. We are really satisfied with this model as the price tag of RM59 is really cheap and affordable for every entry gamer that look for affordable keyboard with lot of attractive features such as waterproof and 3 led colour with 4 brightness control! We even did submerge the keyboard into a 15m of dive underwater for photoshoot session and the keyboard emerges still working fine! But we believe that’s just luck XD.

For the user experience, we satisfied with the feeling of the keyboard even after a long usage as it soft enough to press and detect the input. The key is really silent as its barely to hear any sound produce from it. Kudos to AVF Malaysia to make such great product at an affordable price!

Finally, thanks to AVF Malaysia for giving us an opportunity to make a review on this AVF AKB – GK1 Gaming Freak II Keyboard.

Performance: 4/5
Materials: 3/5
Specifications: 4/5
Appearance: 4/5
Performance/Price Value: 5/5


  • The price is dirt cheap!
  • Waterproof!

  • 3 LED color with 4 brightness control

  • Attractive and smart design

  • Gold plated USB connector

  • Nylon cable braided



  • No multimedia function key



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 REVIEW: AVF AKB GK1 Gaming Freak II Keyboard


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 REVIEW: AVF AKB GK1 Gaming Freak II Keyboard
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