Team Group Celebrates its 18th Anniversary at Computex 2015 Shaping Smart Lifestyle All around Us with Limitless Wireless Technology

2015 is the 18th anniversary of the establishment of the world’s leading memory brand, Team Group. At the Computex Taipei during June 2nd-June 5th.2015, Team Group will display the world’s first and the best mobile device storage, the exclusive 18th anniversary edition and the awesome luminous memory for the first time. By doing so, Team Group will show global consumers our ability of pushing the limits, leading the future and reaching new peak of success. Every new product represents the combination of Team Group’s advanced technological strength and wisdom. We sincerely invite you to visit our stand (I0507) at the first floor of Nangang Hall to experience latest overclocking memory modules and smart mobile lifestyle.

The Advanced Multitasking Flash Drive Shines Globally by Combining Hardware & Software through Innovative Thinking

The Team M152 smart flash drive is carefully designed with innovative thinking. It’s not just a USB flash drive, but also has functions of OTG, internet sharing and smartphone screen mirroring. Through the combination of hardware and software, M152 enables users to instantly share files from computers and smartphones through local area network. M152’s built in app can mirror screens from smartphones including Android mobile devices to the desktop of computers. This provides a simple and convenient solution to app developers or users who wish to share multimedia files on their smartphones to family and friends instantly. In addition to the functions of wireless file transferring and the screen mirroring, it is also a smart mobile device that support OTG function. Giving users more ways to enjoy their lives, M152’s multitasking application will definitely shine internationally at the exhibition.

Elegant and compact. A Smart mobile device fashioned with a trendy, sleek design

Team Group flash drive products have been highly praised by the consuming public. This year at the exhibition, we will introduce the elegant and thin Premium flash drive C153/C155, and the delicate Exquisite flash drive C151/152, which are respectively using USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 interfaces. The body of the C153/C155 is built with aluminum unibody case. The surface is abrasive blasted with features of anti-fingerprint and anti-corrosion anodization. It is an example of achieving aesthetic perfection through beautiful craftsmanship. The C153 offers 8~64GB storage options and it comes in classic colors of knight black, jazz silver, ice blue, peach pink, etc. The premium monochrome gold C155 offers the 128GB edition exclusively for an even better user experience.

With a minimalist design and a compact size as small and light weight as a coin, the Exquisite flash drive C151/152 is made out of one round piece, which creates a closer feeling to the users. It is conveniently designed with a strap hole, and we use classic bright white and simple monochrome black separately to form a rich contrast between the cap and the body of the flash drive. It is made by COB assembly process which offers waterproof and dust-proof protection. All your precious data is at the grasp of your fingertips!

Concealed Perfectly and Transfer Instantly

A storage expansion solution for Apple MacBook, Team M iDRIVE has a compact plug-in design and with the use of Team UHS-1 high speed memory card, it is specifically customized for MacBook series. With the expandable design and through the help of the high speed memory card, M iDrive is able to take a step further to improve the storage capacity and the file management efficiency. Continuing Mac’s exquisite minimalist design and also satisfying users’ needs for both practical and personal style, the exterior features an ultra slim and short design with classic black and white coating

18th Anniversary Edition Overclocking Module Gives You an Ultimate Ultra High Speed Experience

Team Group has been persistently focused on technological breakthroughs in overclocking. This year, we offer you the 18th anniversary edition overclocking module. By adopting the design concept of a processor radiator, then through the integration of the aluminum radiator fin and the heat pipe, we are able to quickly remove the waste heat using the principle of convective heat transfer and provide module a stable working environment. Eventually, we will offer a high specification of DDR4-3400 CL16-16-16-36 1.35v to users around the world for an ultimate ultra-high performance.

The New Eye-Catching LED Luminous Overclocking Memory Module

Specifically for gamers and overclocking lovers, Team Group offers the all new DDR4 gaming overclocking module. The all new designed radiator fin and LED are used to create more color combinations when matching with the motherboard. Meanwhile, users are able to determine whether the XMP function is on or off through the intuitive LED display when using with overclocking motherboard. The incomparable joy of overclocking will enrich your user experience with eye-catching visual effects.

The Best and the Fastest Mobile Peripherals in the World Are All Here at Team Group

At Team Group’s mobile application section this year, the latest launched wireless charging pad WA05 is built with glossy and metalloid materials. The 3 coils charging module design provides a wider charging area. The Qi certification by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) offers absolute security and compatibility guarantee. This year, Team Group has specially made a series of Apple peripherals such as flash drive, charging/data line, etc. for numerous Apple users around the globe. The most noticeable product of them all is the MoStash, a flash drive designed exclusively for Apple products. It allows iPhone/iPad/iPod to access or backup data directly without having to connect via a computer or iTunes. Compatible with USB 3.0 interface offers consumers the best transfer performance, and support over 40 file formats. All these features make MoStash the world’s most powerful external storage device for Apple products. As for power banks, Team Group has released several innovative power banks targeting different groups of consumers, including waterproof, dust-proof, shockproof, the complete protection model for people who love outdoor sports, the ultra lightweight and thin model with metal case for urban consumers, and the color changeable model for people who love to play with colors. They will all provide the best long lasting battery support for each consumer.

The Best Team on Earth and the Best Industrial Products in the Field

Team Group’s Industrial Division has become a fundamental part of the brand after years of development in the field. At Computex 2015, we will take it up a notch by showcasing the power design micro EFD specifically built for 1U machine with SATA3 7Pin write protection. At the same time, we offer M.2 solid state drive for military and industry standard mobile devices. We also have started to provide the next generation DDR4 memory solution for the industrial environment. The best development team will demonstrate our strong support capability in the before/after sales service.

We would like to invite all of you to visit our Team Group stand (I0507) during the exhibition period. Furthermore, you could also experience Team Group’s powerful overclocking products at the stands of our cooperative partners, GIGABYTE and MSI. In addition, this year’s Taiwan Excellence Award winning product, Twinbo will also be displayed at the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion. Don’t miss the rare opportunity! 

As a leading provider of memory storage products and mobile applications to the consumer market, Team Group is committed to providing the best storage, multimedia and data sharing solutions. All Team memory module products come with a lifetime warranty, repair and replacement services. For more information, please visit the Team website at or facebook



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