Existing EK Full Cover blocks compatible with Radeon Rx 300 series GPUs

EK Water Blocks, Ljubljana based premium water cooling gear manufacturer, is pleased to announce that the existing EK-FC R9-200 series water blocks are compatible with the majority of AMD® Radeon R9- and R7 300 series based graphics cards.

Because the Radeon R9 390X is based on a Grenada XTGPU (Hawaii XT, the very same GPU used on the Radeon R9 290(X) graphics cards) the majority of graphics card manufactured have simply re-used it’s existing circuit board design - either the most commonly used design is a AMD reference design or a proprietary design such as ASUS DirectCU II, PowerColor PCS+ or XFX Double Dissipation.

Moreover, some Radeon® R9 380 graphics cards are also compatible with EK-FC R9-285 water block while some Radeon® R7 370 graphics cards are compatible with the EK-FC7850 water block.

In order to simplify the search for suitable and compatible water block EK has added most - if not all - AMD® Radeon® R9 390X, -390, 380 as well as Radeon® R7 370 and -360 from different AIB Partners and manufacturers to Cooling Configurator database. Compatible graphics cards are being added to the list on a daily basis.



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