ENERMAX Launches NEOChanger, the RGB Pump-Reservoir Combo

ENERMAX introduces NEOChanger, the world’s leading RGB pump reservoir combo. NEOChanger is ENERMAX’s 1st DIY liquid cooling product, featuring incredible RGB LED lighting that is designed to be controlled via either RGB-sync-ready motherboards or the included 3-in-1 remote control, which enables users to create their personalized lighting themes. Furthermore, NEOChagner incorporates the digital pump speed meter for users to easily identify the real-time speed in use and make adjustment via the remote control.

Versatile RGB Lighting Solutions for True Expression of Individuality

Compatible with RGB-sync-enabled motherboards with 4 pin header(s), NEOChanger allows its RGB lighting to be synchronized and controlled by motherboard’s lighting control software or app, for users to customize their own favorite lighting styles. Moreover, NEOChanger also includes a remote control for users to choose and adjust RGB colors and lighting effects, which is the best solution for those who use standard motherboards without the RGB-sync support.

Patented Digital Pump-speed Meter

Users can monitor and instantly adjust the pump speed anytime with the patented digital panel. The pump speed is ranging from 1500 – 4000RPM, with the flexibility to fine tune the speed at intervals of 150 RPM via the remote control. Users can also make quick RPM selection through the 6 pre-programmed speed buttons to reach the preferred cooling performance.

Strong Hydraulic Head up to 5.2m for Long Water Loop

NEOChanger is equipped with a powerful pump that can create strong hydraulic head up to 5.2m, which enables DIYers to build a longer, more customized water loop.

Easy and Flexible Installation

The included brackets enable users to mount the NEOChanger vertically or horizontally. Fittings support G1/4” ports.

NEOChanger comes with 3 models (capacities); ELC-NC100RGB (200ml), ELC-NC150RGB (300ml) and ELC-NC200RGB (400ml) to meet different installation requirements. The RGB pump-reservoir combo will be available in retail around June 2017.

Support RGB-Sync-Ready Motherboard 3-in-1 Remote Control
Support Horizontal and Vertical Installation 3 Models Available

For more information, please visit https://goo.gl/9tD0yC




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