ASUS ROG ‘Unleash the Gamer in You’ Media Coverage

27th May 2015, Kuala Lumpur – Today, ASUS announced the new line up of Republic of Gamer (ROG) products. This includes a new gaming desktop and several gaming notebook in order to satisfy end-users needs.

The event start with short presentation by Li Huai Pin, ASUS Malaysia Country Product Manager about gaming and his experiences of it parallel with ROG Motto; The Choice of Champions. Later, Frank Wang, ASUS Notebook Product Manager, explained about the new product range which consists of 4 notebooks and a compact desktop PC.

ASUS ROG G20 – Deceptively Powerful Compact Gaming Desktop

ASUS ROG G751 - Awesome Gaming Performance Notebook

ASUS ROG G501 – Thinnest Gaming Notebook with Extremely Cool Gameplay Experiences

ASUS ROG G551 – Gaming Notebook with enthusiast-grade graphics and silent cooling system

ASUS ROG GL552 – Gaming Without Limits Notebook

ASUS have stated all models price as below picture

In addition, ASUS also bring the new enhancements in their ROG application, GameFirst III with more improvement in network bandwidth-management in order to reduce online in-game lag experiences.
Along with it, ASUS also introduces the new Gaming Style UI; AEGIS which mostly look like the Rainmeter which popular among Desktop UI geeks. Plus, with every purchase of ROG Gaming Notebook, users entitled to get exclusive ROG Notebook Backpack.

To make the event more interesting, ASUS hold a mini game session which some of attendance participate in Counter-Strike Team Fight. Last but not least, enjoy below pictures to get some view of the event. Stay tuned with for more!


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