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MSI Z87-GD65 GAMING - The No.1 and Only Best Choice Golden Awarded Motherboard

In its 33rd year and as Asia’s largest B2B (Business to Business) computer exhibition, COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2013 is kicking off on June 4. Today, the winning list of Best Choice Award, the official award of COMPUTEX TAIPEI, is unveiled. MSI’s Z87-GD65 GAMING motherboard and Funtoro HD MOD (Media on Demand) vehicle infotainment system have proudly stood out from over 400 competitions. The only Golden Award winner in the IC & Components category, the Z87-GD65 GAMING motherboard literally sparkles in every way and proves MSI to be a true pioneer of mid-range/high-end motherboards.

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ASUS Presents New Gold Color Theme for Upcoming Z87 Motherboards

Fresh look reflects ASUS dedication to the highest standards in quality, performance, reliability, and innovation

ASUS today announced a new look for its range of motherboards based on the Intel® Z87 chipset. Replacing the previous blue-accented color scheme, a unique gold application on custom-designed heatsinks serves to emphasize the ASUS philosophy of always providing the most innovative motherboards in every generation.

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ASUS Unveils ROG, TUF, and WS Z87 Motherboards

ASUS, ROG, TUF, and WS boards based on the Intel® Z87 chipset cater to diverse needs, from daily computing and productivity to extreme gaming

Sabertooth Z87 & Gryphon Z87

ASUS today announced a complete lineup of motherboards built around the high-end Intel® Z87 chipset for 4th Generation Intel® Core™ processors. The new motherboards feature exclusive technologies that make the most of Z87 capabilities, with offerings from ASUS, Republic of Gamers (ROG), The Ultimate Force (TUF), and WS (workstation) series providing the best user experiences, performance, stability, and upgrade options.

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