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MOA APAC 2011 Announced!!


  • Soldiers will receive a set of mainboard and graphics card for modification prior to MOA APAC 2011 Final and must carry them to the event. MSI will prepare another set of mainboard and graphics card as a back-up in the contest. If both sets of weaponry are crashed, MSI would not provide additional gear.
  • Soldiers are required to use the computer equipment provided by MOA, but bringing your own OverClocking gear (cooler, copper container, thermal bottles, etc) and electronic equipment (multimeter, thermometer) is allowed.
  • Soldiers can not use any computer products not provided by MOA, such as USB flash drives, DVD/CD-ROM, HDD.
  • During the assmbling and modification session, LN2 is allowed to be used. Soldiers are free to try all the benchmarks programs, but submitting results are only allowed during Battle Rounds.
  • Any modification or change to the BIOS code of the Mainboard & VGA is NOT allowed in the competition.
  • During the benchmark period, soldiers can update their result at any time. After Judges have apporved the result, the scoreboard will be updated and reflected as team’s authorized result.
  • There is no time limit for updating results during the benchmark round.
  • After the Battle Round has finished, benchmark results can not be updated anymore and the most recent update of the result will be your final score.
  • The Master Judge has the right to ask soldiers re-run benchmark to verify results.


  • When the benchmark process comes to an end, soldiers must call upon a Judge to come and check their benchmark score. The score will be confirmed and submitted with a screenshot.
  • Each screenshot must include MOA Official Wallpaper and following elements:
  • Task 1: Super Pi 32M result, CPU-Z (CPU/Memory/Mainboard tabs)
  • Task 2: 3DMark11 result, GPU-Z, CPU-Z (CPU, Memory/Mainboard tabs)
  • For Task 1, Super Pi 32M, the CPU ratio will be fixed at most 50. Judge will also check it when soldiers submit the result.
  • Final Score includes Super Pi 32M (40% weighted) and 3DMark11 (60% weighted) overclocking performance growth score.
  • For example, Team 1 gets 250% performance growth over standard score on Super Pi 32M and 200% on 3DMark11, then their final score will be 220%.


MSI-AMD Malaysia Online OverClocking Challenge Announced!

Dear AMD Fanboys. Your call has been answered. MSI is glad to announce the MSI-AMD Malaysia Online OC Challenge (MAMOOC) in collaboration with AMD Malaysia. After a long wait and full of anticipation for an AMD-only event, local AMD Fanboys can finally set up their gears for a battle in their own turf. Their request has been answered. MSI Malaysia invited AMD Malaysia in this project tailor-made for AMD-Fanboys and eventually MAMOOC is here, kick-starting TODAY! We are also glad to have HWBot.org supporting us the competition engine.

- MSI Malaysia

Challenge Details
Event: MSI-AMD Malaysia Online OC Challenge
Challenge Benchmark: Super Pi 32M, Wprime 1024M, PiFast.
Official “Venue”: HWBot.org, Lowyat.NET, OCDrift.com
Starting Date: 10th June 2011
Closing Date: 30th June 2011, 2359hrs
Organizer: MSI Malaysia in collaboration with AMD Malaysia

More Details: Click Here!!

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