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Review: ASUS X99-A Motherboard 0

After reviewing  the ASUS X99-Pro motherboard a few weeks ago OCDrift today will be taking a look at another X99 motherboard, which is the ASUS X99-A. This motherboard is available on the market at sub-RM 1000 with an attractive price tag of RM 988 making it an attractive price

ASUS Explains OC Socket on X99 – Extra Pins, Extra Performance! 0

One of the key ways ASUS and ROG have boosted overclocking performance for CPU and memory on its X99 motherboards, is by enhancing the CPU socket! X99 motherboards use the LGA2011-3 socket (with 2011 pins), however with its patent-pending OC Socket, ASUS and ROG have added even more pins