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MSI N460GTX-SE-M2D1GD5/OC announced!


In addition to N460GTX-SE Cyclone 1GD5 Series, MSI also will announce N460GTX-SE-M2D1GD5/OC & N460GTX-SE-MD1GD5/OC for more options, which are equipped with 9cm PWM Fan (Shield Fan). These two items support over voltage function of GPU to improve overclocking capability, and adopt Military Class components for longer lifespan and better stability. These 2 models has the same cosmetic look and clockspeed. The only difference spotted is only the Video Output Function with the N460GTX-SE-MD1GD5/OC sporting an extra HDMI output.

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MSI N480GTX Lightning on LN2 Pre-Testing

MSI N480GTX Lightning

Washing MSI N480GTX Lightning

It has been quite sometime since we had LN2 session on a VGA. If i recall correctly, the last round was coolice OverClocking his Gainward V-MODed 9800GT on LN2. So i guess it’s about time to polish up our skill on VGA LN2 OverClocking. But if you are reading this Overview, which i guess alot people doesn’t, this report is not about how high we could clock the VGA. The interesting part is that we insulated the VGA with vaseline, and WE WASH IT. We didn’t aim high for this session of LN2 OverClocking as the amount of LN2 was very limited (left over from the Kingston Power User Gathering). I believe we will be doing another round of LN2 on the MSI N480GTX Lightning end of the month. Hopefully in Lowyat Plaza, another OverClocking Demo. Seems like Year 2010 is an OverClocking year for Malaysia.

Full Report

MSI N465GTX Twin Frozr II Golden Edition Clean Sweep of HWBot Ranking

MSI Big Bang XPower and MSI N465GTX Golden Edition

Starting from the recently concluded MSI Dota Tournament 2010, Team OCDrift started their quest to capture all of the HWBot 3D Ranking for Nvidia GeForce N465GTX Graphic Card Category. And today we finally managed to capture the remaining 3DMark01, 3DMark03 and 3DMark Vantage categories. The rest was already done during the MSI Dota Tournament event with SLI Dual GPU configuration. MSI N465GTX Twin Frozr Golden Edition is actually a limited edition graphic card from MSI. This card is equipped with all-copper GPU Heatsink complete with copper fins base and heat pipes. Featuring hand-picked GPU which allows the card to be unlocked to N470GTX. Unfortunately, it’s not sold in Malaysia soil.

HWBot N465GTX Ranking

20K @ PCMark05 with ASUS ROG Rig

ASUS Maximus III Extreme and ASUS GeForce N480GTX

20122 @ PCMark05

It was pretty long time ago since i benched Futuremark PCMark05. Today tried my luck and i’m glad that i managed to score 20k marks. Of course, trial and error with some tweaks on Windows 7 Ultimate Lite.

CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-870
Mainboard: Asus Maximus III Extreme
Memory: Kingston HyperX KHX1800C8D3K2/2GN
Graphic Card: Asus GeForce N480GTX
SSD: Transcend (TS60GSSD25D-M) 60 GB SATA II Hard Drive
PSU: Enermax Revolution 85+ 1050W

MSI N480GTX Lighting grabbed pole possition in 3DMark Vantage

MSI N480GTX Lightning

Elmor, fresh from winning the Master OverClocking Arena 2010 set another benchmark with the MSI N480GTX Lightning with a whopping 1450GHz GPU Clock. OverClocking under LN2 cooling, he created a new world record for 3DMark Vantage single card category. MSI N480GTX Lightning is tailor-made for extreme overclocking equipped with Power4 architecture to provide sufficient and stable power. Thefore, the OverClocking potential of the MSI N480GTX Lightning has been significantly increased. Slated to be available in retail stores worldwide on the 21st October 2010, let’s hope the current world fastest N480GTX Graphic Card will not cost a BOMB!

MSI N450GTS Cyclone OC Edition Simple OverClocking Insight

Different from the reference N450GTS, MSI released the MSI N450GTS Cyclone OC Edition sporting factory overclocked 850MHz GPU /1000MHz Memory clockspeed some time back. Designed for the price/performance-minded market, this graphic card can be found in Lowyat Plaza at the price around RM500. According to the official specification, this card is equipped with 9cm PWM Fan for 50% more airflow and 17℃ cooler than reference design. I did some simple testing on this card and here it goes. Let’s see how it rivals with MSI own factory-overclocked Radeon HD5770 Hawk graphic card.

Full report

MSI-HWBot OC Marathon - When Intel and AMD tortured together

MSI-HWBot OC Marathon

It has been very long since i meet fellow local OverClockers to OverClock together. So last week i managed to loan some hardware from MSI Malaysia for our mini event. The idea is to do a HWBot OC Marathon. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out as we would like it to be. We had quite a handful of hardware to bench and submit to HWBot but we only have 1 day to do that. So minus some hardware/software problems, we only managed a few scores to be submitted. Too bad the recent concluded Gigabyte Mini Competition champion, xixo_12 couldn’t join us as he had to attend a oral test. And our beloved dblooi has some personal issue that day. But it couldn’t be blamed as it was kinda a very rush event. They were notified few days earlier only.

Event: MSI-HWBot OC Marathon                                                                                        Date: 1st August 2010                                                                                                           Location: Sanko’s Lair Participants: verdict, Lacus, SkyNoEye, Jonesy, Sanko Objective: Submit as many scores as possible to HWBot

Left to Right: Lacus, verdict. The rest were camera shy.

Full Report

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