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MSI releases all new “GAMING”, “Overclocking”, and “Military Class” 8 series motherboards

The world-renowned motherboard manufacturer MSI announces motherboards that are equipped with Intel’s newest 8 series chipset today. There is the “GAMING” series that are wildly popular among gamers, which is equipped with the Killer network chip and Audio Boost, in which the Z87-GD65 GAMING motherboard was even awarded the Computex 2013 Best Choice Golden Award! This was the first time a motherboard won a Golden Award, which proves that MSI’s GAMING series motherboards are definitely the best choice for gamers.

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MSI Z87-GD65 GAMING - The No.1 and Only Best Choice Golden Awarded Motherboard

In its 33rd year and as Asia’s largest B2B (Business to Business) computer exhibition, COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2013 is kicking off on June 4. Today, the winning list of Best Choice Award, the official award of COMPUTEX TAIPEI, is unveiled. MSI’s Z87-GD65 GAMING motherboard and Funtoro HD MOD (Media on Demand) vehicle infotainment system have proudly stood out from over 400 competitions. The only Golden Award winner in the IC & Components category, the Z87-GD65 GAMING motherboard literally sparkles in every way and proves MSI to be a true pioneer of mid-range/high-end motherboards.

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Review: MSI GTX650-Ti Hawk

The launch of GTX650-Ti on early October 2012 has florished the pool of mid-end graphics card choices which some may see it as a positive scenario. As of March 2013, NVIDIA lauched another GTX650-Ti series card, the GTX650-Ti Boost in the battle of RM600-ish price point card. However, today we at OCDrift.com is looking at the MSI GTX650-Ti Hawk (Limited District), thanks to MSI Malaysia.

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MSI Z77 Gaming now available

MSI, industry leader in motherboard and graphics card technology is happy to announce the availability of its complete Gaming motherboard lineup. At CeBIT 2013 the world got a first hands-on experience with the new models and the completely new look and feel of the motherboards and thanks to that we’ve received overwhelming positive reviews from gamers and media. As part of the 2013 series of motherboards, the new Z77 Gaming models will be available far into 2014. Together with the recently introduced Gaming Graphics Cards from MSI, they allow awe-inspiring PC builds from PC Gamers and Enthusiasts.

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MSI’s new AMD HD7790 Graphics Card Cooled with Extra Large 10 cm Fan

MSI, the leading international graphics card and motherboard maker, released its new HD 7790 (MKT Name: R7790-1GD5/OC for Malaysia Market) graphics card based on AMD’s latest GCN core architecture with support for the PCI Express Gen 3 standard. The MSI HD7790 graphics card supports GPU and Memory frequency adjustments and can use the exclusive Afterburner graphics card overclocking utility from MSI to for even better performance! The HD 7790 uses a large 10 cm fan with Propeller Blade technology. The increased airflow not only reduces the core temperature but also lowers the operating noise as well for a more comfortable gaming experience. The card comes with DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI 1.4a outputs that supports 3D video output and high-quality audio. The inclusion of AMD’s proprietary Eyefinity multi-display output technology makes the HD 7790 the best choice for gamers.

Product Link: http://www.msi.com/product/vga/R7790-1GD5-OC.html
Product Codename: MSI R7790-1GD5/OC
Suggested Retail Price: We contacted MSI Malaysia and were told it would be set around RM550

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The world renowned motherboard and graphics card manufacturer MSI, officially announced 2013 MSI MASTER OVERCLOCKING ARENA (MOA) is entering its 6th anniversary. The concept of “NO LIMITS” will bring out the core sprit of overclocking and help to unveil MOA 2013. Now, if you simply share “NO LIMITS MSI MOA” video on Facebook, then you will get a chance to enter our lucky draw. This activity will draw-out two lucky persons to take home MSI’s latest Gaming Series mainboard that are both efficient under gaming condition and overclocking environment. Can’t wait? Please join to be the fan of MSI FAN CLUB and share the movie; you will be the lucky draw winner.

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