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EK GPU Waterblock for HD7970

With the announcement and release of AMD’s latest GPU, the Radeon HD7970, a picture of a GPU waterblock by EK (EK-FC7970) has been circulating, first posted in Xtremesystems.org.

It is expected for EK to release four versions of this waterblock; copper plexi, copper acetal, EN plexi and EN acetal. No news of when it will be officially announced by EK but something for you watercoolers to look ahead.

|Review| AMD Radeon HD 7970 3GB


AMD has begun to release their widely anticipated latest family of GPUs, the Southern Islands. Southern Islands will become the successor to AMD’s previous generation of GPUs, the Northern Islands. The Southern Island GPUs will be the first GPUs based on the 28nm silicon fabrication process, PCI Express 3.0, Microsoft’s DirectX 11.1 API compliant and a new architecture named Graphics Core Next (GCN). The first GPU to be released is the Radeon HD7970 (Tahiti XT). It features a wider memory bus (384-bit) compared to its predecessor, the Radeon HD6970 (256-bit). Most importantly, it has 2048 stream processors and clocked at 925MHz Core /1375MHz Memory clock.

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