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MSI Gaming Tournament (DotA) 2011 - NZ World, Penang Qualifier

Team Ice

Team Ice advanced to NZ World, Penang Qualifier with ease awaiting for their opponent. On the other hand, Team xG2 had a close fight with Maximum in the Semi Final. Team Maximum, with some FTZ players proved to be a Team to beat in this tournament other than Team Ice. Team xG2 took around 1 hour to beat Team Maximum before advancing to the Final. xG2 showed tremendous sportsmanship and cooperation with us throughout the tournament, especially when the agreed to carry on playing after each games immediately. Without their cooperation, the tournament may drag longer to finish. In the Final, Team xG2 deployed a fast-push strategy with Syllabear as their main carry/attacker. However, WeNz of Team Ice with his Ancient Apparition performed his ultimate spell flawlessly making Team xG2 unable to push. On the other hand, Mil|er’s Naix had no problem to farm with bboy and Gigolo protecting him effectively.

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MSI Gaming Tournament (DotA) 2011 - FTZ ASiA.net, Penang Qualifier

Team FTZ

The 2011 edition of MSI Gaming Tournament (MGT) kicked off on 23rd July 2011 with its first state qualifier stop at the FTZ ASiA.net Cyber Café in Penang. The game title for MGT this year is Defend of the Ancient (DotA). MGT is one of the handful gaming events in Malaysia witchtours around the country to find the best team to represent their state in the finals to be in Friendster iCafe, Berjaya Time Square on the 9th of October 2011. This year, MGT is going to hold its state qualifier in 6 different states which include Penang, Malacca, Perak, Sarawak, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

Team FTZ, led by Galvyn “020” Ooi, secured the first Grand Finals ticket after beating Team The Unexpected in the first qualifier. The Unexpected, led by Issac “Curzed” Tan put up a great fight before going down in an 80-minutes battle. The momentum keep switching wave between FTZ and The Unexpected. FTZ drafted an early-game oriented strategy which involved a lot of ganking during the early stages to shut down The Unexpected key hero, Spectre from advancing. In the ending stages of the game, The Unexpected had to give up all their hard-earned advantages when they lost a crucial war in opponent’s high-ground area. The war was one of the key battles which will usually determine the outcome of the game.

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MSI Dota Tournament 2010 - Grand Final Team List Released

Finally the MSI Dota Tournament 2010 - Grand Final Team List is released. There has been a lot of problem in confirming Team’s slot but eventually we still managed to pull through. Due to the instability of Teams Roster and personal life commitment, quite a number of Qualified Teams couldn’t make it to the Grand Final, which is very disappointing. But most importantly, MSI did not bend any of their rules in favor to any teams. For each Qualified Teams, they are allowed to change any player with a VALID REASON with any NON-QUALIFIED player. As for Team INC, they are automatically qualified as the reigning champion. Team Champions from previous MSI Dota Tournament (small scale tournament, February - March) took place in INC Café, FTZ.net, Friendster i-Café and Universal Cybercafé are also auto qualified. However, these team players are allowed to “re-participate” in any of the State Qualifier but their auto-qualification will be revoked. Therefore we see Chai “MuShI” Yee Fung, who actually qualified through Team Anything played alongside with Nirvana.My in Malacca State Qualifier. Similar to him is Team Darwin Pro who actually auto-qualified through Team Ubat Batuk, played in the Selangor State Qualifier. As for Excuse Gaming, GnR and GIGA.SmD, they qualified through the recently concluded Facebook Favorite Team Vote. GIGA.SmD took Mage Pro slot as they are unable to make it to the Grand Final because of work commitment. GnR took the empty slot left by xTu/Kingsurf-JJ. Finally, the organizing crew would like to wish all of the participating teams HAPPY GAMING, which is the main objective of MSI Dota Tournament 2010.

  1. INC.Newcomer
  2. AEON.MuFc
  3. XGL
  4. LeaP GaM|ng
  5. Dg
  6. GnR
  7. Nirvana.My
  8. iRelax
  9. ReD
  10. iG-Ice
  11. INC
  12. Anything
  13. RoongJiet
  14. Team Ladies
  15. Excuse Gaming
  16. GIGA.SmD

MSI Dota Tournament 2010 - GGTV Live Streaming and Immediate Replays Upload

Garena - GGTV

MSI Dota Tournament 2010 proudly announce that there will be a live streaming on GGTV for selected matches. Besides that, we will immediately upload the replays 1-2 minutes after each match. We hereby would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to GCC for supporting us. We are truly grateful.

Date: 3rd October 2010
Time: 1030
Venue: Friendster i-Café, Berjaya Time Square
Address: Lot 09-77, Level 9, Berjaya Time Square, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

  • Champion: RM 3,500.00 + Razer Abyssus & Razer Arctosa + MSI Gaming Mouse Pad + Transcend + Avira + Friendster i-Cafe discount voucher.
  • 1st Runner-up: RM 1,500.00 + Razer Baseball Cap + MSI Gaming Mouse Pad + Transcend + Avira + Friendster i-Cafe discount voucher.

MSI Dota Tournament 2010 - Get your REDEEM TICKET for Special Gift

MSI Special Gift Redeem Ticket

MSI have a special gift* to give away to all the visitors at MSI DOTA Tournament 2010 Grand Final on the 3rd October 2010, Friendster i-Cafe, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur. All you need to do is just cut the redeem ticket on every of the MSI DOTA Tournament Advertisment on The Star Newspaper at 2/10/2010, Magazine - GamesAxis, PC Gamer, 3C Digital & Games at September issue & redeem the special gift* from us on the day of Grand Final.

MSI Dota Tournament 2010 – Vote for your favourite team for a place in the Grand Final (Result)

On 27th September 2010, Mr. Liven Liew the Project Manager of MSI Dota Tournament 2010 announced a voting event for gamers & supporters to decide two favourite 1st-runner ups of each State Qualifier for a chance to play in the Grand Final. The voting event was done through Facebook and ended today at 11:59PM, 30th September 2010. And here goes the result of the voting pool.

  1. Team Excuse Gaming (Johor Bharu State): 729 votes
  2. Team Mage Pro (Penang State): 708 votes
  3. Team GnR (KL State): 560 votes
  4. Team NetSurf.DdZ (Johor Bahru State): 209 votes
  5. Team EXcel (Penang State): 183 votes
  6. Team ZeroHour (Melaka State): 136 votes
  7. Team Darwin Pro (Puchong State): 71 votes
  8. Team Giga.SmD (Klang State): 61 votes
  9. Team SP2 (Penang State): 53 votes
  10. Team TTT (Melaka State): 38 votes
  11. Team pHGp (Melaka State): 27 votes
  12. Team OmG (Johor Bahru State): 18 votes

MSI Dota Tournament 2010 organizers hereby officially announce that Team Excuse Gaming and Team Mage Pro qualified to the Grand Final on the 3rd October 2010 in Friendster i-Cafe, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur. Let’s hope they will be at their best and do not disappoint the fans who voted. We would also like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to fans and supporters for their effort. We hope that MSI Dota Tournament will be an on-going event in near future offering better prize pool and also expending its competition to a larger scale.

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