Report : All IT Hypermarket Overclocking Roadshow

alcor 468x60 Report : All IT Hypermarket Overclocking Roadshow

KUALA LUMPUR : On Sunday, 17th of August the local IT retailer All IT Hypermarket held an overclocking roadshow with the objective to showcase their in house knowledge when it comes to PC hardware and overclocking.

The event kicked off with a brief welcoming speech by Mr Ronal Ruffner of All IT and followed by two overclocking demo handled by their own in house overclocker Mr. Ahmad Fadhlullah Suhaimi or better known as “lengchai86″ in the local overclocking scene.

He started the demo by overclocking the recently launch Intel Pentium G3258 20th Anniversary Edition on a testbed that consisted of Gigabyte and Corsair hardware. He then proceeded with overclocking the Intel Core i7 4790K. Cooled by liquid nitrogen and he was quick to capture the awe of the audience.

The event was also graced by the presence of Malaysia No.1 DOTA 2 player Mr. Chai “Mushi” Yee Fung. Fresh from finishing The International 4, he was quick to draw cheer from the audience. Engaged with a question and answer session he also announced that he is now the ambassador for the Gigabyte.

We at were always happy to see event like this as this will always help to spread the fantastic thing that is overclocking.

Below are some of what we managed to captured during the event.  

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