New Trend Micro Security 10 Fully Compatible with Microsoft Windows 10

A new Trend Micro (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704) online poll[1] revealed that eight in 10 Malaysian Internet users are worried about their personal and financial details being stolen. Despite this, 84% of respondents still use the Internet for online banking services.

The poll also found that half the respondents think they are vulnerable to cyber threats. With this is mind, Trend Micro is introducing Trend Micro Security 10  – a security and privacy solution fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 10. The new version’s security features are simple to use, yet provide state-of-the-art protection for consumers’ data, delivered with optimal performance. This allows users to securely connect and engage safely online from today’s evolving threat environment.

Trend Micro Security 10 provides protection against threats and privacy concerns regardless of the device or operating system. The software will feature protection from exposing private information or becoming susceptible to data-theft and other malicious online threats on both personal and business devices. These rank amongst the top three greatest fears respondents have in the event of an online security breach: stolen personal and financial data (88%), viruses and malware infections (73%), and identity theft (54%).

“It’s a fact of life that all laptops, smart phones, PC’s and tablets are susceptible to data theft, and stealing information from one’s digital life is easier than most people think,” said Goh Chee Hoh, Managing Director of Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, Trend Micro Inc. “People are accessing the Internet anytime and anywhere. It’s hard to know if personal or business information is being shared without permission. We want to ensure our customers are protected in this fast-changing world, providing them with advanced protection without disruption.”

With the growing number of malicious threats, breaches, and hacks, Trend Micro Security 10 helps people be safe online with its superior phishing detection and industry-leading tools. These tools block viruses, spyware, worms and Trojans, preventing their devices from becoming infected. Trend Micro is adding new features to its already award-winning protection to further protect customers from the threats of today: from additional social media protection, SSL verification, ransomware and online banking protections. With this solution, users’ personal information is far less at risk of being compromised by cybercriminals while maintaining privacy and protection of online activity.

The Microsoft Windows 10 operating system is compatible with Trend Micro Security 10 range of products. Trend Micro customers can upgrade for free to this latest version. The previous version, Trend Micro Security 2015, is also Windows 10 compatible, if updated before the user upgrades to Windows 10.

The following are a few of the new features added to the award winning solution:

  • Cloud Storage Scanner protects users from malware that may have infected files stored in the cloud on Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Secure Browser in Password Manager. Trend Micro Maximum and Premium Security 10 come bundled with Trend Micro Password Manager, which helps users manage all their passwords while employing a Secure Browser to protect them against code injections, keyloggers, and man-in-the- middle / browser attacks while conducting their online banking.
  • Ransomware Protection provides a focused defense against the growing variations of ransomware worldwide. With Trend Micro Security 10, the solution protects documents from unauthorized encryption or modification.
  • Within the “Trend Protect Toolbar,” the SSL Checker protects users visiting financial or shopping websites by verifying the certificate being used is authentic and, warning them if it’s not.

“According to our Trend Micro online poll, we know that consumers in Malaysia are spending more time socializing (83%), banking (84%) and working (58%) online. Despite this increased reliance on the Internet, many are ambivalent towards online security,” said Andrew Tan, Consumer Marketing Manager, Southeast Asia at Trend Micro. “At Trend Micro, we are committed to securing individuals’ and businesses’ ability to do things online safely, whether it’s on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.”

Trend Micro Maximum Security 10 will be available in Malaysia later this week at the following prices:

  • Trend Micro Internet Security 10 1Y1U – RM99
  • Trend Micro Maximum Security 10 1Y1U – RM69
  • Trend Micro Maximum Security 10 1Y3U – RM139
  • Trend Micro Maximum Security 10 1Y5U – RM179

For more information on Trend Micro Security 10 or to it try for free, visit, or follow

[1] Trend Micro online poll conducted between June and July 2015 surveying 316 Malaysia-based respondents



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